Free Online Memory and Concentration Brain Game

A Quest to Test Memory and Concentration

Memory Lane

Take a stroll down Memory Lane, a series of 10 random, highly forgettable events.

As you stroll, try to remember the decisions that lead you safely to the end of your journey.

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The high road;The low road; The land rises. You can take the high road or the low road here.; This is working out well.; The road comes to a sudden end. Unable to stop in time, you plummet to an untimely end.; choices:The fast lane;The right lane; A wide highway parallels your course. A shiny red Lamborghini convertible is parked on the shoulder. Impulsively, you hop in, lay rubber, and swerve into:; This is truly a dream car, but its gas mileage leaves a lot to be desired. All too soon the ride is over and you're back on the road - on foot.; The back end begins to drift a little and as you skillfully correct, things rapidly spin out of control. Very rapidly. Too rapidly.; choices:Left;Right; The path you are on splits into two. One branch goes left and the other right. Decision time. Which branch do you take?; Nothing dreadful happens. You seem to have made the correct choice.; The path narrows and then disappears. As you turn to retrace your steps, you clumsily fall and fatally strike your head on the only rock for miles around.; choices:Rock;Hard place; You are hemmed in by a very large rock to one side and what appears to be a rather hard place opposite. You're going to have to cross one or the other.; Nimbly you skip across and leave that odd peril behind.; You lose your footing and the resulting impact does quite a bit of damage to your body. No more traveling for you.; choices:North;South; You stumble across a set of old overgrown railway tracks and decide to follow them for a while. You hop up on one rail and head:; The tracks end at an abandoned station and you head down the road that leads away.; Uh, oh, maybe these tracks are still in use. That's definitely a train bearing down on you! In your haste to jump off the tracks you stumble and fall - oops.; choices:Bridge;Tunnel; You come to a wide river. A rickety old bridge crosses over it. A modern tunnel system leads under.; That seems to have been a smart choice. You make it to the other side of the river in one piece.; Due to a minor engineering malfunction you fail to get to the other side of the river safely.; choices:Umbrella;No umbrella; You hear distant thunder. It begins to sprinkle. Then the rain begins in earnest. You're getting soaked. You wonder if you should put up your umbrella.; Good move. The rain stops, the sun comes out, and things are looking good for your quest.; The rain pours down. What you really need is an ark. Glub, glub, glub....; choices:Pet him.;Ignore him.; A big black dog starts to trot along beside you. His large teeth make you a little uneasy.; After a nice run the dog slows and stops and you lose sight of him.; Not liking your attitude, the dog sinks those large teeth into you, seriously reducing your ability to pursue your quest.; choices:Flap your arms.;Pray.; A wide deep chasm blocks your way. You back up, get a running start and launch yourself across the void. Uh, oh. Looks like you're going to be just a wee bit short.; Good move. You lift just a bit in the air and land safely on the other side.; Nope, didn't work.; choices:Run to escape it.;Wait for it to clear.; A thick, unnatural-looking ground fog settles in around you. You can barely see. Breathing isn't that easy either.; Gradually the air clears. Things are looking good.; The weird fog fills your lungs, substantially reducing your lung capacity and your chances of getting anywhere fast.; choices:Turn left.;Turn right.; You come to a crossroads.; This way looks clear.; Things look good until a mad stampede of muskoxen pours over the road, flattening you in the process.; choices:Breast stroke;Australian crawl; A small lake as smooth and clear as glass stretches out in front of you. You wade in and start swimming.; Nice. You reach the far shore in record time.; Your stroke leaves a lot to be desired. In fact, you sink like a stone.; choices:Rest;Don't rest; For no particular reason you feel a bit tired. You could stop and rest. Or not.; That seems to have worked out well.; Waves of profound fatigue overwhelm you. You're not going to make any further progress in this condition.; choices:Go with the flow;Buck the trend; You come to a busy thoroughfare. Everybody seems to be headed in the same direction. Hmmm...which way to go?; You seem to have chosen well.; A large transport swerves out of control, taking out everybody in its path. Unfortunately this includes you.; choices:The less traveled;The other one; You come to a woods. Two roads diverge. Which to take, which to take....; That appears to have been the best choice.; The path meanders to a meaningless end.; choices:Old road;New loop; It looks like you can take the old road through town or the new loop that skirts it.; That seems to be a good route.; Everybody else apparently made the same choice. After making virtually no progress for several hours you give up in frustration.; choices:Go left;Go straight; A small sideroad leads off to the left. You have a hunch that this could be a shortcut.; Everything seems copacetic.; Almost immediately you sense that you are hopelessly lost.; choices:Put on sunscreen;Fan yourself; The sun peeks out from behind a cloud and shines down on all below. Especially you. It's getting warm.; Very effective.; That doesn't seem to have done the job. You collapse in a sunstricken heap.; choices:Ride the horse;Hop on the skateboard; A sleek thoroughbred and a battered skateboard are right there in front of you.; Good going. After an exciting ride, you hop off, not wishing to push your luck.; You nurse what feels to be a broken ankle while reassessing your situation.; choices:Left;Right; The road forks.; Looks like this is the way to go.; Hordes of zombies, werewolves, and telemarketers descend upon you - obviously not the way to go.; choices:The easy way;The hard way; There are two ways you can go from here.; Well chosen. You're making good progress.; At first only little things go wrong. But the big things quickly follow. That was just not the right choice.; choices:The rabbi;The guru; A rabbi and a guru approach. Each volunteers to help you find your way. You really don't know which one to follow.; A wise choice. You seem to be approaching nirvana.; I sense that you weren't truly committed to that choice. You seem to have lost your way.; choices:The tall one;The not so tall; Two leprachauns cross your path.

"One of us will help you on your way. The other, not so much," says the taller of the two.; Excellent choice. The leprachaun leads you to the end of a rainbow, picks up the pot of gold there, and walks away.; Unfortunate choice. The leprachaun produces a solid-looking shillelagh and knocks you senseless.; choices:Your money;Your life; A masked highwayman leaps out of the bushes and confronts you.

"Your money or your life!" he demands.; Pleased by your cooperative attitude, the highwayman relents and lets you pass.; Actually the highwayman lied - he takes your money AND your life.; choices:This way;That way; You see two lassies go by. One goes this way and the other that way.

Perplexed, you ponder which way to go.; Way to go! Your journey is progressing well.; Wrong way, I'm afraid you followed the wrong lassie. Whipping out her pepper spray, she spritzes the heck out of you!; choices:The birchbark;The kayak; You come to a turbid brown creek. On the bank are a birchbark canoe and a high tech kayak. Both look new but something worrisome nags at the back of your mind.; You float smooothly down the creek and alight on the bank, having made excellent progress.; As the current gets stronger, you realize what's missing - you're up the creek without a paddle! Helplessly you watch as you are swept over a roaring waterfall.;