Your brain is like a muscle - use it or lose it.
Exercise your brain - play games, solve puzzles, learn something new!
Build your brain power by doing BrainCurls - the fun, challenging brain building activities that you'll find right here!
Pick a brain building game and play FREE online.

Memory Tests

Memory Q's

Do visual or sound cues improve your short term memory? Find out with this free online memory test.

Brain Check

A quick quiz to check the state of your brain

Easter Egg Memory Game

Is it harder to remember and match similarly shaped images?

Butterfly Memories

Test Your Short Term Memory for Visual Patterns and Sequences.

Chit Chat

Party on while you exercise your memory for names, faces, and small talk

Memory Lane

Exercise short term memory in this game where you learn from experience - if you remember it!

Flash Count

How quickly can you recognize and remember symmetric patterns of objects?

Bird Concentration

Match bird names to pictures to exercise short term memory and brush up on your birding skills.

Songs & Artists Concentration

Can you remember where you saw that artist's song before? Concentrate!

Meadow Memory

Beef up your short term memory by memorizing safe paths across the meadow.

Face Time

Having trouble remembering names? Try putting names to these familiar faces.

Nation Concentration

Match countries and flags in this short term memory game

Hispanic Countries & Flags Match

Remember and associate names and images through 7 levels of play

Hats Off! (Flash required)

Improve memory, brain processing speed and reaction time while watching a parade of hats.

Christmas Memory Game (Flash required)

Remember the 12 Days of Christmas?

Speed and/or General Knowledge Recall


Test and improve your reaction time

What's the Difference?

Spot the sore thumb in this general knowledge game.

Test Your Citizenship IQ

How would you fare on a U.S. Citizenship Civics Test?

Name the States

Race a penguin in this rapid recall game of northeastern states.

State Capitals Pop Quiz

Do you still remember the state capitals?

U. S. State Capitals Memory Marathon

How much of this 50 item list can you remember?

State Slots

Which state has more people, is higher, ...

Geography Solitaire

Is your brain flexible enough to handle this Solitaire with a Geography twist?

brainFlex (Flash required)

A fun game to train your brain to multi-task, shift gears quickly and develop brain flexibility

Time Arrows (Flash required)

Put events in chronological order and test your general history knowledge.

Geography Jigsaw - Africa (Flash required)

Can you place Egypt and Libya? Our most challenging jigsaw

Middle East Jigsaw (Flash required)

"Half of Americans can't identify Syria on a map" - Washington Post

Geography Jigsaw - South America (Flash required)

13 pieces in this geography puzzle

Logic and Math


Build analogies in this free online game version of A is to B as C is to ?


Can you play Solitaire and calculate change for a dollar at the same time?

Hamster Logic

Use your brainpower, analytic skills and logic to give each kid a hamster.

Tower of Hanoi with Cards

Solve a classic logic puzzle with cards.

Five Below Solitaire

Win this almost every time with the right strategy and logic.

Free Space Solitaire

A more challenging version of Five Below Solitaire

Blackjack 2.1

Can you win at Blackjack and add fractions and decimals at the same time?

I Bet! (Flash required)

People will bet on anything. Can you pick the best bets and win big?

Crazy Circles (Flash required)

Go crazy with this logic puzzle.

What's Your Shopper IQ? (Flash required)

Challenging timed shopping quiz

Sudoku Scratch Sheet (Flash required)

A blank form to help do print sudokus more neatly (with some checking features)

Verbal Ability

Password Challenge

Win your way to gold based on high / low alphabetical order clues.

Letter Detective

Find words with guesses which tell you if a letter is in a word and where.

Money Quote$ £etter Word Fall

Drop letters to rebuild a quote in this free online word puzzle game.

Instant Cryptogram Quotations

Get instant feedback as you decode encrypted quotations.

Quote, uh...

A scrambled word puzzle to challenge your word order skills

2020 Vocabulary Hangman

Guess words and phrases that leapt to prominence in the year 2020.

Wordies Time

Look at the way words are arranged to guess familiar phrases in this fun timed word puzzle game.

Cryptogram Comics: Animals!

Find More Fun Cryptograms at

Daily Scrambled Comic

Find More Fun Scrambles at

Cryptogram Cat Quips

For cat lovers and cryptogram fans.

SAT Vocabulary Guess and Spell

More Fun Hangman Style Games at

SAT Vocabulary Word Jumbles

Find More Fun Jumbles at

Scrambled Science Genius Jokes

You may need to be a rocket scientist to get these jokes.

Scrambled Synonyms

a Word Search with a Twist

Word Builder

Build words from scrambled syllables.
More Fun Syllable Scrambles at

Word Worm

Chase scrambled syllables to rebuild words in this vocabulary and spelling word game.

Hear Here! (Flash required)

Strain your brain to guess words that sound the same but aren't.

Word Power Ball (Flash required)

Build vocABS of steel in this free online scrambled words game!

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